GayCest – Getting Closer to Daddy TAPE #1 – How You Like It – Danny Wilcoxx, Jack Dixon



Mr. Dixon’s heart stopped. He knew this wasn’t for him. But standing in the hallway, peering through the crack in the doorway, he got a glimpse of his boy that I thought I’d never see: young Danny stroking his cock in bed.

He got lost in the trance of the moment, feeling like his presence could go unnoticed forever. Until Danny’s eyes caught his. He was about to walk away, to relieve Danny of the awkwardness and return back to his separate space. But in that moment, he did something he thought he’d never do… he kept going…

Danny sat stunned in his bed, watching Mr. Dixon closely to see what I would do or say. The older man walked slowly toward him and began to unzip my pants. Once his fly was open and the white bulge of my underwear was revealed, the daddy could see Danny’s shoulders begin to relax. He wasn’t afraid. He was actually curious.

Danny sat in amazement, his lips parting slightly. He was as aroused as his old man. And then, to both their amazement, Danny slid over in the bed… making room for his dad.

Mr. Dixon knew he was going to have to fuck his boy. He wrestled with it in his mind as Danny kissed and sucked his cock, bringing him closer to that conclusion with every delicate lap of his tongue. It had to happen. He had to take him. To feel himself inside him. To open him up and be a part of him. After all, he wanted to be close. What could be closer than that?



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