– Austin CHAPTER 24 – Austin’s Two Daddies – Austin L Young, Dolf Dietrich, Dallas Steele



When Austin arrived, he could practically contain his excitement. Seeing Dolf and Dallas sitting side by side on the bed was a beautiful sight to behold. Each man was over 6’4”, covered in tattoos and muscles that made them appear even larger! The striking silver of Dallas’ hair contrasted beautifully against Dolf’s rich, dark beard. Austin knew he was in for a treat and could hardly wait to get it.

Austin was in absolute heaven, feeling them paw at his butt and kiss up and down his chest. His little hands couldn’t help but gravitate right to their bulging crotches, familiar with what each daddy giant has concealed.

The thrill of being dominated and shared between these two titans got Austin rock hard, but it was the shaft of each of his mature masters that he was interested in. He dropped down between their legs, pulling off their briefs and swapping each cock in his mouth. He practically unhinged his jaw to get Dallas’ meat between his lips, taking it down to the balls and trying not to gag. He moved over to Dolf, doing the same, failing to keep his throat from closing in on the big man’s tool.

Austin wanted to be fucked, though. He saw the glistening supply of saliva that his throat provided to the knob of the dark bearded top and turned around to sit down on it. His tight ass felt the intense pressure of the thick member as it kissed his hole, resting in place for a moment before it split him in two.

Austin stood practically standing, his knees barely having to bend to get completely down on the seated giant’s member. Dolf looked down as Austin expertly milked his tool, loving the way his size allowed him to mount himself and still stand tall. Dallas watched on in glee, stroking his still-wet cock, waiting for his chance to experience the soft insides of Austin’s hole on his cock.

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