FTMMen.com – Beaux James, Baily Wylde


Baily met Beaux in the gym. The two were working up a sweat and admiring each other’s bodies, imagining what lies beneath their exercise gear. They skipped the showers and went right home for a hot, sweaty, pumped up session of feasting on each other’s tight, athletic frames.

Beaux and Baily tore off their shirts, giving each other a view of their smooth, toned torsos. Beaux’s muscles drove Baily wild, seeing the way his hard pecs glistened with sweat, lightly covered in soft brown hair. Baily pulled off his partner’s shorts, hungry for a mouthful of his delicious loins.

The cocktail of sweat and musk radiated off of Beaux’ pussy, crowned by a hard, wet dick that made Baily’s saliva gush. The young man dove in head first between Beaux’ legs, lapping at his hole with the ferocity of a lion. His tongue worked in and around Beaux’ member, teasing and tugging on his pussy lips as the hard dick poked out.

Beaux’ own hunger rose, desperate to feel Baily’s shaft between his lips. Getting on his knees and standing Baily against the wall, Beaux polished the young man’s cock with his mouth, licking from the balls to the tip. Baily flew his head back in pleasure, eyes rolling as he brought his hand to the back of Beaux’ buzzcut.

Baily couldn’t hold back any longer. Fully erect with the taste of Beaux still on his lips, he needed to feel inside. Baily put Beaux on all fours, spreading his legs apart to see his pussy split open for him. With a sure, soft, sensual slide, Baily felt his uncut cock move inside Beaux’ hole, seeking out the trans man’s pleasure spots while being wrapped in a tight, wet pleasure.

Baily could hardly believe his good fortune. A routine trip to the gym turned into an incredible fuck with one of the sexiest men on earth! Now, balls deep inside Beaux’ hole, he rides the edge of climax, trying to hold off the inevitable breeding of his partner, wanting to enjoy every intense stroke and thrust before unloading his cum deep inside.



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