CockyBoys – Ring in 2022 with Alex Gonzalez & Kane Fox


Introducing New Exclusive Alex Gonzalez! While shooting our new feature, GAME ON (being released later this month) I had the opportunity to meet Alex. My intention was to cast him in the project we were shooting, but we were unable to make it happen at the time — instead we invited him to the US for the first time to film with one of his CockyBoys Crush, KaneFox!! Of course, Kane just had to be his first scene partner and we are very excited he’s the one to introduce Alex to you. And, as you’ll see their chemistry is so strong that they just can’t wait to get things going.

Alex likes a slow & sensual start and Kane begins by kissing him passionately, working his way down his washboard abs and sucking his cock while savoring every inch. Alex soon gets his chance to reciprocate and impressively deep throats Kane and laps at his big hangers. After reaching over to feel Alex’s twitching hole, Kane really wants to eat him out and when he does, he simply can’t get enough.

As excited as Kane is to be inside Alex, he moves slowly in fucking him from behind. Gradually he goes harder and deeper, knowing that’s how Alex wants it. Proving as much, Alex soon enthusiastically rides Kane’s big dick every which way and takes every thrust with a smile on his face. And when Kane takes Alex to bed, the happy bottom takes a pounding no matter what position Kane puts him in.

It’s while Kane drills Alex on his back that he really finds his groove and can’t stop. He pulls out just in time to shoot his big, thick load all over Alex’s hole and slide his cock back in. Kane barely pulls out when Alex lies back and strokes out his load too. Kane kisses Alex’s lips once more, wordlessly giving him an official Welcome to CockyBoys!