– Boy Eric CHAPTER 1 – The Grooming – Eric Charming, Jax Thirio



Taking Eric in, I stripped him out of his clothes, tossing the cheap fast-fashion items on the floor. He looked at me with excited anticipation, as if he was already thinking of himself as product.

He carefully fixed his hair after his shirt came off, wanting to stay presentable to me. I could care less about his hair. All I saw was his smooth, toned, flawless, alabaster skin. His nipples were like two tiny points on his chest, standing outward and begging for attention. His soft, full lips hung from his face, heavy with excitement and arousal. I’d never seen someone so desperate to be claimed. I was tempted to take him for myself right there.

But I knew he was worth more to me at auction than as just an easy fuck. Moving around his body, I could see his hard, pink dick and his round, unblemished ass. It was like a pair of down pillows. I could have easily sold him just as a cushion to rest upon, but his tight hole was the real prize of his backside.

I went in for a taste, feeling my tongue move across the taught flesh of his hole. He let out a moan of intense pleasure. Clearly, his hole just as connected to his mind as his dick. It tightened and pulsed on the tip of my tongue, waiting for it to be opened and taken.

He was such a beautiful prize. I knew I had to test him, try him, and see just how valuable he was. I knew buyers would go crazy for him. After all, it was hard for me not to pounce on him himself…


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