CockyBoys – Sexy Stud Avery Jones gets Clark’d by CockyBoys resident Hunk Gabriel Clark!!


At last, Avery Jones gets “Clark’d” by the inimitable Gabriel Clark! Avery is VERY happy about it too, proclaiming as he steps out of a post-sex shower

At first Gabriel & Avery tease each other, playing with their bulging crotches as they look at each other. But soon, Avery comes in for a passionate kiss and before long he has Gabriel’s cock in his mouth and shows him how good a deep-throating cocksucker he is. Naturally Gabriel loves it and returns the favor, picking up Avery and sitting him on a countertop to suck him and finger & rim his hole.

When Avery is turned sideways, Gabriel graduates from ass-eating to fucking him, from the side and on his back. Gabriel is just getting started though. He sits down and after Avery sucks him some more, Gabriel has him ride his cock. Bending him over more, Gabriel can thrust into Avery but he saves his best pounding for him when he lies him back on the bed.

Thrusting in hard and deep while making out with Avery, Gabriel is into total control of him, intuitively finding the the path to making him shoot his load. Gabriel builds to an even more intense pounding of Avery’s hole leading him to pull out and cum over Avery and coat his body with jizz. Gabriel triumphantly kisses Avery one more time and carries him off to the sensual shower where we began.