BelAmiOnline – Yannis Paluan & Nikk Lanier Part 2


Yannis and Nikk are back again today to finish off what they started in part 1, this time with Yannis as the top. When we left the boys, Yannis was covered in cum and we catch up with them today, fresh out of the shower and ready for more. For those of you who like your guys beefy, Yannis is surely a perfect specimen, although we hope that Nikk does not take his advice on gaining bulk, as we think he is pretty much perfect just the way he is. While Yannis is definitely a better bottom than a top we hope you appreciate his efforts at keeping his buddy satisfied today. Nikk enjoyed it enough to shoot a huge load while Yannis was carefully probing his prostate, so it looks like everyone ended the day very satisifed.
11 Dec