– Scout Troye CHAPTER 1 – Testing his Mettle – Legrand Wolf, Troye Jacobs



Sexy Scoutmaster Legrand is back doing what he does best; engorging innocent boys on his enormous dick. And new boy Troye is just the sort of scout that daddy Legrand enjoys the most; as cute as a button and innocent as all hell.

It’s time for Troye to become an Elite Scout, but this is an honor which doesn’t come lightly. Troye must prove himself to Scoutmaster Legrand, and we all know there’s no better way to do that than by dropping to his knees and servicing his esteemed leader’s majestic meat.

Of course, it’s not long before Legrand has the boy kneeling on a table like a prized sculpture in an expensive gallery. He immediately gets to work, fingering and tonguing Troye’s tight, teenage hole in preparation for the mother of all cherry pops.

Troye gasps and shakes in a mixture of fear and excitement. He knows what’s going to happen. He just has no idea how it’s going to feel!
Legrand encourages Troye to stand and place one leg up on the table so he’s relaxed and his ass is good and open… And then it’s time to penetrate the boy.

The Scoutmaster goes real slow to begin with. He knows his dick has the potential to destroy an ass, and needs the boy’s first time to be one he wants to repeat… preferably again and again!

Troye’s hole opens up like a beautiful flower and Legrand is able to gradually ramp up the pace and intensity of his thrusts. The boy’s moans get louder and louder as he’s speared with increasing power.

Legrand pulls out and leans against the table, encouraging Troye to stand in front of him and ride him hard. Scoutmaster Legrand is plainly getting close – he wraps his arm around Troye’s stomach and with one final leonine roar, explodes inside the boy, squirting huge quantities of semen into his guts. As he shoots his load, he picks the boy up. It’s a Herculean display of total masculinity.



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