RaunchyBastards – Teen Craves Daddy – Malachi Rayne, Clay


I can never get enough Malachi Rayne, even after I’ve had a week of him. The last time he was with me, on his last day, I couldn’t help myself. We had an hour to leave to drop him off at the airport, but I needed to dump one more load in his ass before he hopped on the plane. We had a quickie, and he was more than happy to give it up once again for me. This teen sure does crave daddy dick, as well as daddy jizz deep inside of him.

The entire time I was fucking him, he had a raging boner, and after a few positions, he came while I was going into him deep and hard. I bred him a few minutes later. Everything about him gets me off, but nothing more than that muscled, athletic bubble butt. As I nutted, I grabbed onto him tight and made sure that he got seeded as deeply as possible. I wanted to make sure he could feel that load as he was sitting on the plane (on the way home to his girlfriend), and I’m guessing he was thinking about me, and probably popping another boner. This guy is amazing.
[videopress UrqfMmbB]