PeepShowTV – Ashton Silvers & Vander Pulaski – My Buddy’s Glory Hole


My buddy has a new home glory hole setup. Vander had sex with another dude a couple hours before, but was still hungry for cock.

Ashton had watched Vander get fucked and fuck another dude, and he saw how hungry Vander was for dick.

I figured Vander could easily pull a load out of Ashton, who immediately said, “I can’t cum from a blow job.”

The challenge was thrown out and both Vander and I were eager to prove that he could.

Ashton pushes his cock through from the bathroom. (there is a camera on him too!) and you can see he immediately was impressed with the sensation.

Vander is relentless! He ramps-up the speed, making Ashton blow a huge load, giving Vander a huge facial.

Despite having just cum an hour before, Vander cums again, sucking every last drop from Ashton’s cock.
24 Nov



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