MilitaryClassified – MARCUS 2


Today I’m re-introducing an ex-Army stud that I met several years ago while I was living up in Los Angeles. Marcus is a tall stud at 6’1″ with tats all over his body and a buzzed hair that gave him an appeal that I admire. His cock was a nice 7 inches with a nut sack that was tightly wound around his shaft. This is a MC Classic shot back in the day when I was limited with resources but was able to capture a moment in this straight man’s life that left a lasting impression with me and all of you forever. Watch a real straight guy fuck a guy in the ass for the very first time in his life and I caught it all on tape!
On this occasion Marcus had come back after the successful blowjob I gave him which left him wanting more. He’s a very quiet person, keeps to himself, and answered my questions with a quiet and low voice. I guess he was nervous! Once I got him naked, it didn’t take long before Marcus’ cock was rock hard and ready for business. I started by sucking his cock and once I took his cock balls deep, I could see that Marcus was reminded of how good the blowjobs are at Rob’s place.
Within minutes of sucking him off, I was already putting on a condom on that fat dick of his and he knew what was about to happen. I stood him up and I bent over a chair and Marcus took me from behind. I guided his hard cock up my ass and basically instructed him when to push, when to pull back, and when to pump my ass which Marcus followed to a T. Soon I had Marcus punishing my ass with a vengeance and I had to stop him in order to shift positions.
This was a brutal anal scene because I was mostly standing bent over and allowed Marcus to basically abuse my ass to his liking. He maneuvered my ass into position so he could attack it and please his cock however he saw fit. I stood there bent over taking the abuse with joy but my face was definitely not sporting a smile. I stood these being handled by a straight guy and there was nothing I could do but sit back and try to enjoy the ride. There is a HUGE difference between being fucked by a gay guy and being fucked by a straight guy and a straight guy handles your ass with care because he is accustomed to a girl.
In the end, I think that Marcus couldn’t bust the nut in my ass because you have to admit, for a first-time situation, Marcus handled himself pretty good. I sat him down on the chair and continued the pleasing with my mouth and along with my hand action, took Marcus to a nut that not even he was prepared to experience. You can always tell when a straight guy busts hard because he says nothing, on purpose, trying hard not to show emotion but the expression on their faces are undeniable and speak volumes about how they compare a nut with a girl to a nut with a guy! Very confusing for these guys! I love it though!


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