FTMMen.com – Jesse Diamond, Connor Taylor



Connor can’t take his hands off of Jesse’s body as they cuddle and kiss on a rainy afternoon. Jesse’s bristly bearded embraces send a surge of energy to the smooth top’s loins, making him increasingly excited to take off their pants and move in closer.

Jesse’s hands move down to Connor’s crotch, feeling his raging hardon swell up and bed for release. He doesn’t torture him any longer but making him wait, instead tugging them down and taking the rigid tool immediately to the back of his throat.

Connor watches as Jesse wraps his lips around his shaft, taking it deep into his mouth and tasting it from top to bottom. Connor gazes over Jesse’s muscular physique, admiring his massive shoulders and furry round ass, oozing desire out of the tip of his cock for the trans man to lap up and enjoy.

Connor turns him around, placing him on his back, spreading his thick thighs apart to open up his warm, wet pussy. Connor’s length is smoothly and easily taken in by the bodybuilder’s body, making the ginger top even harder as he watches it disappear inch by inch.

Jesse feels the monster cock deep in his gut, pounding away at his insides and practically breaking through to his six pack abs. Connor’s enthusiasm increases, building to a crescendo of moans and thrusts that leave Jesse nearly reduced to a puddle of pleasure.

Connor’s cock drills deep as Jesse cries out for more, leading to an epic explosion of cum into the trans man’s hungry hole!


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