FTMMen.com – Chance Hart & Brayden St. James


Brayden leans back in his bed as Chance begins to caress his stomach and chest. The tattooed stud brings his mouth to Chance’s, kissing him softly and sweetly as they press their bodies closer together. Brayden can feel Chance’s excitement growing, intensifying in his pulse and breathing. Even his hands begin to tremble as they make their way under his clothes, eager to be even closer. When Brayden pulls off his shirt, Chance can’t hold back his desire any longer. His mouth moves to his nipples while his hands caress his bulge. The two guys feel the heat of the moment rising as they continue to undress, exploring every inch of each other and learning what makes the other tick. Brayden pulls off Chance’s pants, quickly burying his face between the trans man’s legs. His mouth expertly navigates the warm, wet crevasses of Chance’s loins, kissing and licking his clit as he works his lover into a frenzy. Chance holds himself up and watches as Brayden sucks on his member, shooting sensations of pleasure all over his entire body.

Chance moves around to take Brayden’s massive cock in his hold, feeling its size before placing it between his lips. The hung stud swings a massive 10 inch tool with heavy hanging nuts that swing back and forth as he starts to fuck Chance’s face, sight of which makes the tattooed bottom hungry for more. He takes it to the back of his throat, feeling his pussy drip with anticipation for the deep dicking he’s about to receive.

Fortunately for Chance, his cunt has no problem handling Brayden’s monster member. As it slides past his clit and into his body, the trans man can feel every inch make its way into his belly, pushing his guts around to make room. Chance controls his breath as he watches the giant cock move inside him, striking deep pleasure points as it moves back and forth.

Brayden’s hips work harder and faster as they rail into Chance, feeling his heavy nuts ready themselves for release. Brayden’s been working up a load since the moment Chance took his cock in his mouth, and now, as he picks up the pace, he’s ready to unleash his seed into Chance’s hungry, wet hole.



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