FTMMen.com – Beaux James, Julian Waits


Julian eyes the handsome Beaux as they get alone. He’s taken with his stunning good looks and well defined physique. Julian breathes heavily as Beaux begins to kiss down his neck, making him eager for the opportunity to kiss him back. Julian is caught between feeling guided by his own desires and responding to Beaux’ intense sexual charisma, feeling his cock swell at the thought of the hot fuck to come. Taking off their shirts, Julian is all the more stunned by Beaux’ amazing body. Julian is a lean young man with rosy pink skin, freckles all over, and a touch of ginger to his hair. But Beaux is a tanned, golden haired Adonis, with well sculpted arms and a powerful, commanding presence. As they continue to disrobe, Julian’s cheeks flush red, making it impossible to conceal his excitement. Not only that, his cock is practically bursting through his pants. Beaux is quick to relieve him of his confinement, pulling out his member and feeling it throb in his hand.

Beaux drops to his knees to give the pink member a kiss. Julian smiles, enjoying the handsome man’s approach. He thinks it’s about to be soft and gentle, but Beaux practically unhinges his jaw to take the massive cock deep to the back of his throat. Julian’s mouth drops, falling agape as he experiences the intense pleasure of being fellated by someone so skilled.

But Julian knows it’s not all about him. When you’ve got someone so stunning in front of you, you have to show them appreciation. Putting Beaux on his back, Julian spreads his legs apart and begins worshipping his beautiful cunt. Beaux caresses Julian’s long, floppy hair as the young man devours his clit, sucking and licking it until it’s as hard as a rock.

Just when Beaux is on the edge of climax, he turns himself around to give Julian a clear path into his hole. Beaux wants to feel the boy’s massive cock deep inside him as he rides waves after waves of pleasure. Feeling Julian’s heavy nuts slap against his clit is all Beaux needs to feel absolute ecstasy. And that’s all Julian needs to feel his urge to cum build up!



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