CockyBoys – Alex Mecum Returns to CockyBoys and Raw Dicks Edward Terrant Deep!


Alex Mecum is back to make a connection with Edward Terrant! Simply talking about how they make a connection opens that door and once they kiss, that clinches it. Alex takes Edward in his arms and carries him to bed and kisses him with growing passion. When they roll over with Edward on top he’s already hard and leaking precum. In turn this excites Alex to get on top again and sensually kiss Edward’s body.

Soon Alex takes things up a notch by sucking and stroking Edward slowly and then turning him over to eat out his ass. Alex puts Edward into a state of breathless bliss by rimming & stroking him at the same time until Edward is ready for Alex’s cock. Alex gets on top and plunges his cock into Edward, who gasps and is soon in breathless ecstasy again as Alex drills him deep.

When Edward gets the opportunity to reciprocate, Alex sits back as Edward sucks hm and brings him ever so close to the edge. At that point Alex takes back control and fucks Edward up against the wall and uses the edge of the bed so he can steadily thrust deep into him and bring them both to the edge.

Edward changes it up again by riding Alex’s cock and bounces up and down on it relentlessly until he can’t hold back anymore and shoots over Alex’s ripped abs. Alex keeps piston-fucking up into Edward then pounds him on his back until he pulls out to shoot his big load over him. Still vibrating from their orgasmic high they kiss, agreeing this was an amazing connection.
[videopress IUvmGaPE]