BentleyRace – Sarpa Van Ryder and Nate Anderson


The last shoot before the winter break was something I had been wanting to do all summer. Getting our beautiful mates Sarpa Van Ryder and Nate Anderson together. These boys live at different sides of the state so it took some time to get this organised. I knew the guys would like each other and they were keen to meet. We met up down by the river to get some photos outside before heading over to the studio. The guys look great together and had fun in our photoshoot. But make sure you also check out the video they made when the photoshoot was finished. They get hot and sweaty as Sarpa fucks Nate on the bed. What a perfect way to end the shooting season.
Now that the days are getting warmer here in Australia a new round of shoots has begun. I’m looking forward to getting our mates back over as well as meeting some new guys for hot new photo and video sessions.


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