– LESSONS IN DISCRETION – Dolf Dietrich, Marcus Rivers, Jax Thirio



I haven’t been a Scoutmaster for very long, but I already feel like I’ve committed the cardinal sin by sleeping with one of the boys! In fairness, I tried incredibly hard not to do it, and in the end I only gave into the boy’s persistent advances when he told me he’d already slept with Scoutmaster Dietrich!

I think he could have told me he’d done it with almost anyone else and I’d have managed not to give in to temptation, but where Scoutmaster Dietrich is concerned, well, all bets are off…

Dietrich was actually one of the guys who trained me but I’ve always found it incredibly difficult to be around him. Don’t get me wrong, he’s obviously a great guy, but the moment I met him, I realized he reminded me rather heavily of one of my own Scoutmasters, you know, from back in the days when I was a scout, and that’s been surprisingly triggering for me.

Like Dietrich, my old Scoutmaster was manly, unflappable, handsome and tall… And I was totally in love with him. My feelings back then were so strong, that, all these years later, I still occasionally jerk myself off thinking about him. Nothing ever happened, of course, because he was a gentleman, and probably straight, but when I met Dietrich and found myself behaving really weirdly around him, I figured it was best all round to keep my distance. It didn’t stop me jerking myself silly every time I saw him!

So when Marcus told me he’d been with Dietrich, I guess I just had this overwhelming desire to go with him as well! All the way through the encounter, I kept imagining him with Dietrich, wondering how I was doing by comparison. It was bizarre…

I was, of course, consumed by guilt afterwards, but the moment I saw Dietrich back at base camp, the horny thoughts started flooding in again. That night, after the boys had gone to bed, I plucked up the courage to share a flask with Dietrich in front of the campfire. It turns out he’s really easy to talk to. We have a heck of a lot in common. And we talked late into the night…

Of course, the conversation got a little horny… He started stroking my hair absentmindedly and I asked if he’d ever had a crush on one of the scouts… Then it all tumbled out, and I told him about Marcus and said Marcus had told me about him. Then Dietrich got angry, it all got awkward and the sexy vibe which was fast developing was suddenly ruined.

The next day Dietrich told me we needed to talk. He said he was angry with Marcus for being loose-tongued and said he wanted the three of us to have a chat and work out a way to move forward. Then he kind of frog-marched both of us into the forest.



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