MilitaryClassified – WYCLIFFE 2



Today I’m bringing back a new favorite, WYCLIFFE! This straight boy is all the way from the Dominican Republic but now makes USA his home! Somehow I got a hold of him and well, the connection was made and today he’s fucking a dude in the ass for cash! Welcome to America!
Wycliffe is the quiet, shy type and it shows as we got started with the shoot and once the cameras were rolling his smile brightened up the room and turned me on completely! Once the clothes came off well, it was over because this man has everything one could want from a str8 man fantasy!
Once I got his clothes off and started sucking his cock it wasn’t long before that fucker was in full bloom! Wycliffe’s cock is big and thick with a slight curve upwards… perfect for hitting that G spot! The blowjob made its way to some side saddle sitting on that fat juicy cock but that wasn’t enough for my tastes, I needed more!
Next I sat on his cock cowgirl backwards style and here’s where Wycliffe began to shine because he took control and grabbed my hips and lead me to a pounding from a seated position.. impressive! It wasn’t long before we made way to the next position and this was the one that lead to Wycliffe’s demise.
I was bent over the edge of the bed and Wycliffe got right behind me ready to stick that big black dick up my ass and that’s what he did! He delivered a decent pounding making me scream at points but that lead to him losing control of his nut and delivered that load in and outside my ass… perfect!



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