JawKed – Locker Room Sniffer – Dmitry Osten, Jared Cloud


Fit young Dmitry Osten loves working at the old stadium, although his work is pretty basic and all he does all day is clean up the locker rooms and showers he loves the smell of the place and really enjoys being able to walk in there and check out the footballers when they’re naked. He’s getting a special treat in this Jawked video.

After finding some used underwear seemingly abandoned in a locker he gets to work with his own hard and wet dick, wanking off while be breathes in the smell of the anonymous young footballers ball sweat and precum.

He wasn’t expecting the angry player to appear and catch him in the act, but it turns out Jared Cluod is the kind of fotballer who’s always horny and loves to stick his cock in warm and wet places.

Lucky Dmitry is soon gagging on the horny players meat, sucking the juice out of his dick and getting a good face fucking from the lad, but he gets even more of what he craves when Jared takes aim at another goal and jabs his bareback footballer cock between Dmitry’s hairy cheeks.

It certainly looks like this player is a little more experienced with fucking gay ass than anyone would suspect. He gives Dmitry a great ride on his big dong before pounding him up against the lockers, finishing with a giant load of soccer boy cum in Dmitry’s face.

With the straight lad’s semen dripping all over his face Dmitry finishes what he started, rubbing his hard meat and pumping out his own hot mess from his raging dick.

No doubt Dmitry is hoping the soccer boy might tell his teammates about that hungry mouth and hole, he’d gladly take them all on.