JalifStudio – Greg, Sascha, Killian and Chico



A lithe, young man kneels in a darkened attic. He wears a jockstrap. His ass is prepped and he’s ready to take it however his would-be tops want.

Three total strangers arrive to do the honors. All are hot in a dangerous-looking way. They’re hugely hung and totally up for it. They’ve come to get their cocks serviced and the open hole before them is good to go.

For a while, they sit in front of the slave boy, making out with each other. Kissing passionately. Getting in the mood. They don’t need to acknowledge him or activate him. He’ll wait for them as long as they want.

The slave boy joins them and starts sucking one of the men. It rapidly becomes an intense, sweaty, passionate orgy. A frenzy of ravenous, eager sucking. A writhing mass of horned-up, rock-hard, testosterone-fueled bodies groping each other lustfully.

Penetration is inevitable, and top man, Greg Centuri, is utterly animalistic with his strokes. He bangs the bottom boy brutally with his giant dick without any regard for his comfort. He pounds his tanned, muscular body into his prey with increasingly ferocious strokes which make the slave boy yelp.

Greg eventually pulls out and throws the slave boy to his knees, while the others jerk themselves off onto his face and neck, spraying huge quantities of creamy, white jizz around the room.