JalifStudio – Atlan Adam & Morgan Tisme


Morgan stands at the top of a flight of stairs in the attic of a dilapidated French farmhouse. This sexy black dude is horny and ready for some serious action. He seductively unbuttons his jeans and pulls his thick dick out of his underpants.

Atlan arrives in the attic and within seconds is hungrily deep-throating Morgan’s massive meat, his full, soft lips gliding up and down the hung hunk’s twitching rod of iron.

Atlan knows exactly what Morgan wants. He turns to face the wall and presents his cute butt to the beautiful man. Morgan pulls Atlan’s ass cheeks apart, and adeptly loosens the crack with his tongue and fingers. He smacks his heavy, raw dick against Atlan’s hole, teasing the bottom boy with a taste of what’s to come.

Seconds later, and with a single thrust, Morgan slams his meat into Atlan. He grabs Atlan’s shoulders and immediately starts to pound him ruthlessly. His strokes are relentless. Atlan is helpless to do anything but moan and groan as his insides are brutally rearranged! Morgan’s hard hammering is accompanied by the hollow thwack of his balls and upper thighs slapping with force against Atlan’s ass cheeks.

Morgan sits and Atlan squats over him. Both men jerk their throbbing dicks at high speed. Atlan is the first to shoot, firing a healthy cannon of cream over Morgan’s chest and belly. Morgan stands and kisses his new partner as pearls of semen fly out of his now satiated member.



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