CollegeBoyPhysicals – Tyrese Helps With His Sperm Sample – Alexander Ray, Tyrese Reed


Alexander wants to donate sperm today, so he walks in to find Tyrese and be assisted in the process. But when Tyrese looks at Alexander’s body, he plans another way to get the sample. He gets Alexander’s shirt off, and relaxes him by sucking his dick. Alexander loves the surprise blow job from Tyrese, and starts moaning in enjoyment. Alexander takes all of his clothes off, and then puts Tyrese’s dick in his mouth. He likes sucking his cock too, and Tyrese definitely appreciates it.

Before long Tyrese convinces Alexander to get fucked, and bends him over to pound him doggy style. Alexander buries his face and grunts hard as Tyrese pounds his ass. Tyrese looks down at Alexander taking it deep, and decides to flip him on his back to give it to him some more. Alexander is all the way relaxed, taking every inch of Tyrese’s cock, until they both can’t hold it anymore and cum at the same time. Remembering his job, Tyrese takes a cup and collects Alexander’s load.



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