ChaosMen – John Barber & Ted Glen RAW


John Barber and Ted Glen are “bro buds” from way back. John hasn’t fucked a tight ass in a while, luckily Ted is feeling generous.

John and Ted make out on the bed before peeling away each other’s layers of clothes. As Ted pulls off John’s t-shirt and shorts, he reveals John’s outrageously furry chest. You can tell Ted loves it as he runs his fingers through John’s chest hair before they make out some more.

Ted works his way down to John’s chubbed-up cock. He gives John an expert BJ, throating and sucking his dick and licking his nuts as John throws his head back in ecstasy.

John flips Ted onto his back and starts sucking Ted’s dick, which Ted very much enjoys. We get a few camera angles from underneath, where we watch as John’s long beard tickles Ted’s balls each time he deep throats.

Ted gets into a doggy-style position and John starts going to town. You can see how much energy John is expending as the sweat travels down his chest and soaks his fur.

Ted gets into a reverse-cowboy position and rides John’s cock before laying back on the bed. John pounds Ted’s hole and prostate until Ted shoots ropes of cum all over his chest and stomach. Ted pulls out and adds his load to the mix – you can see the relief wash over both of them as the scene fades away.



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