ChaosMen – Dillon Diaz & Johnny Hill RAW


We catch Dillon Diaz and Johnny Hill making out on the bed before Johnny makes his way down to Dillon’s hard cock. Johnny loves to gag on a fat dick, and Dillon is happy to help by pressing Johnny’s head down as far as he can take it.

Johnny lays back so Dillon can get a taste of Johnny’s hung, hard cock. Dillon expertly sucks, throats, licks, and teases Johnny’s dick and balls.

Johnny gets on all-fours so Dillon can get access to his ass. Dillon licks and tongue-fucks Johnny’s hole while groping and fondling Johnny’s balls.

Dillon lays back and Johnny gets to work on Dillon’s hole. Dillon loves a good ass-slapping, and Johnny is happy to oblige.

The pair get into a spooning position and Dillon gently pushes his cock into Johnny’s ass. Johnny is rock-hard and has to stop stroking his cock in order to keep from cumming.

Dillon lays back on the bed and Johnny slides his cock into Dillon’s hole. Dillon can barely take Johnny’s hung dick and decides he might be able to better-accommodate it doggy-style. It’s a smart move – Dillon warms up quickly and starts fucking back on Johnny, using the bouncing of the mattress as a tool.

Johnny and Dillon both love a little bit of ass-to-mouth, so Dillon pulls off to taste some of his ass on Johnny’s dick.

Johnny lays back on the bed and Dillon starts to fuck Johnny’s ass deeper and harder before pulling out and blasting his load all over Johnny’s cock. Dillon grabs their dicks and strokes them together, working his cum up and down their shafts before sampling a bit of Johnny’s precum.
8 Oct



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