– The Appraisal – Austin L Young, Max Sargent, Lance Charger, Legrand Wolf, Mitch Cox


There comes a time when inspecting the boys that I can feel myself start to lose focus. Not from their beautiful bodies, of course. But from my task and role as an appraiser. I can feel it in my skin. The hairs start to take on something of a static charge, as if the energy from my cock surges outward over my body. My senses become heightened and the scent of a boy’s nervous sweat drives me wild. Even as I was looking over young Austin’s well-used body, I didn’t pay too much attention to the noticeable marked up knees and bruises on his flesh. It was clear this boy had been fucked hard and repeatedly, and given his size, there’s only so much he can take before he softens like a peach. Still, once the other buyers came in and began pawing at him and indulging in his body like kids in a candy store, I couldn’t resist sitting back, watching, and playing with my throbbing, leaking cock. Something about seeing an obedient, well-trained young guy being completely overtaken by older, powerful men just gets me harder than anything else. Maybe it was seeing the taking of the sweet boy’s innocence… or maybe it was seeing my friends enjoying themselves in ways they couldn’t find anywhere else. Or maybe it was just simply the sight of smooth, soft flesh being kissed and licked… either way, I was in heaven. The men would take the boy’s cock in their mouths, balls as well as the shaft, as if they were consuming his youthful manhood. Austin would moan and exhale deeply, reacting to every lick and tease they gave him. He was not virgin, not by a long shot, but something about the nature of his submission made him forever smaller and powerless to the needs of his superiors. He never knew exactly what was coming, which made every time feel new and exciting. Even for me, I’ve fucked many slaves, feeling every inch of their bodies, including some parts on the inside, and knowing I can do whatever I want still makes it feel like the first time. After being a bystander, I knew it was time for me to get what was mine. What was due to me. I pulled out my cock and brought Austin’s mouth to the head. His breath was hot and expectant, and I could practically see it water for me. There was no doubt he was a good boy and a good slave, but I still liked to test the waters and see how it feels. As I entered his mouth, his soft, pouty lips wrapped around my shaft, making a smooth entrance for my cock. His wet mouth felt like velvet, so inviting and delicate. As I began to thrust back and forth, I could tell he was experienced, latching perfectly and maintaining exquisite suction and tension. He wasn’t going to let it fall out for any reason. Such a good boy. Of course, as good as he was, I did not intend to cum in his mouth. Though I’m sure he would savor and swallow every drop, that’s not what I’m here for. That’s not what any of us are here for. Austin’s purpose is to be bred. Just like my purpose is to breed. And in this, I would not lose my focus…

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