TimTales – Fiesta de Pollones – Nano Maso, Valentino Sistor, Oskar, Franklin Acevedo, Abel Sanztin



You’re invited to a massive Timtales celebration. Huge raw cocks… Overload! It’s a FIESTA DE POLLONES like you’ve never seen before. So much cock you’ll get dizzy. Timtales All Stars are ready to blow your mind and holes. Our massive breeder tops are Nano Maso, Franklin Acevedo and Abel. All with huge Latino weapons of ass destruction. Our two bottom stars Valentino Sistor and Oskar Ivan are the most courageous takers ever known. They get so drunk on cock, it’s beautiful. After all, Boys just wanna have fun. And it’s at Timtales, so they’ll find it. Enjoy 😉



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