TimFuck – SMOKIN’ FUCK HOLE – Brad McGuire, Allen Undor, Joe Rocco


This, gentlemen, is one of the hottest encounters ever. We paired up handsome newbie JOE ROCCO with his idol BRAD McGUIRE and let them have at it. When BRAD lit up a big ol’ cigar, JOE had no objections: he loves the manly aroma of a fine stogie.

Tossed into the mix is felch-monkey ALLEN UNDOR. ALLEN can’t wait to dive tongue-first into JOE’s big succulent ass, slobbering to get that sweet bunghole all wet ‘n’ twitchin’ for dick. ALLEN takes a moment to light up his own little cigar and he can’t stop shoving the spit-end deep into JOE’s ass, to get the tobacky all slimy and tasty with JOE’s funky-fresh ass-juice.

Then big bad BRAD slams his world-famous uncut sausage ball-slappin’ deep into JOE’s guts, stuffing that smoke-cured manhole to the gills. BRAD pounds ‘n’ pummels JOE without mercy, only pulling out so hungry-tongue ALLEN can gleefully slurp up every drop of stogie-tainted ass-juice. Then BRAD gets right back to ram-jamming JOE’s ass.

Here’s the sign of a true master-top: BRAD gives both of the hungry sub-bottoms exactly what they want by letting ’em serve him. Back and forth, deep-dipping his dick into JOE’s love-starved nether-mouth and then pulling out to get a nice spit-washing courtesy of oral-pig ALLEN’s slick ‘n’ slurpity jizz-rag mouth. That’s brotherhood!

In the end, of course, JOE gets the big prize: a thick load of BRAD-babies dumped deep in his guts. And ALLEN goes nuts sucking every drop of excess jism as it oozes, fresh and pungent, from JOE’s sated slop-hole.


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