– SETTING UP CAMP – Marcus Rivers, Jax Thirio

My name is Jax and I recently became a Scoutmaster. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time and, a few months ago, I finally took the plunge. The Scouts were a massive part of my life when I was a boy. I lived for the adventures, the endless summer nights under the stars, the ghost stories, the camaraderie…

Working a nine-to-five can be utterly soul-destroying, and, in more recent years, when things started to feel particularly mundane, I’d often find myself thinking about those old days, wishing I could feel alive like that again, longing to reconnect with that joyful feeling of spontaneity and discovery.

I went to my first camp as an official Scoutmaster quite recently, and all of those emotions came flooding back. I remember putting my uniform on for the first time, staring at myself in a mirror and wondering if the boys would feel the same sense of awe when they looked at me as I’d felt when I looked at my Scoutmasters. That overwhelming desire to impress…

One of the lads, Marcus, was so much like me when I started; wide-eyed, eager to learn, cute as a button. I found myself increasingly drawn to him and took every opportunity to sidle over for a chat. Then I found myself starting to plan tasks which meant we got to be alone together. I felt incredibly protective towards him to begin with, but, one night, I had a profoundly erotic dream about him. And from then on, all I could think about was how it would feel to get my hands on his little ass!

These are, of course, the sorts of thoughts which need to be suppressed at all costs!

Sadly, fate has a way of stirring the proverbial hornets’ nest, and a couple of days after having the dream, the two of us were sent to prepare camp while the others went on a hike. I was trying to behave myself, so kept the chat down to a minimum, but that meant we worked pretty speedily and had the tents up long before the others were due to return.

We sat down in one of the tents, and I found myself, entirely on auto-pilot, straightening his neckerchief, which was looking a little loose and messy. I guess it was a fairly tender moment, but I was utterly astonished when he leant towards me and tried to kiss me. I immediately pushed him away – more out of shock.
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