– THE COVENANT – Austin L Young, Angus Bishop

Apprentice Young’s throat was still sore when he met with Grandmaster Angus. It was a blessing he wasn’t asked to speak as his voice was hoarse from the intense physical demands it had endured from Grandmaster Felix’s test.

The young man had knelt down and was instructed to suck and swallow the member of an unknown, unseen person behind a white veil. It was one of the biggest cocks he’d ever had to take, not that he’d had much experience before.

His nose was a little runny and his eyes were still reddened from the choking and gagging, but he knew it was all part of his journey. For him to make his covenant, he had to show he would not back down. So weakened, weary, and vulnerable, he proceeded to the next chamber where Grandmaster Angus waited.

As Young made his way into the ceremonial chamber, it struck him just how handsome Angus was. In the bright, white light of the room, the apprentice was seeing the burly bearded man different from their previous encounter.

He was clothed in all white from head to toe, a stark difference from the black he wore before. His face seemed to even have a lightness to it, like the older man himself was in a lifted spirit of some kind. It made the young man feel more at ease. How could anything bad happen to him when everything here looks so peaceful?

Immediately, Angus sat on the edge of a bed draped in a red cover. It had the feeling of an altar more than a bed for sleeping, appropriate for the solemnity and ceremony of what was happening. Even beside the bed was a shallow bowl of water and a tray of ceremonial oil. Apprentice Young was ordered to wash the man’s feet as a sign of respect and subservience. The carpeted floor hurt the boy’s knees, but he was happy to do what he was told.

When Angus stood up, Apprentice Young noticed just how large he loomed. The young man was used to being smaller than almost everyone he encountered, but something about Angus’ size intimidated him greatly. He wasn’t the tallest man, but his chest was the width of a door. Each of Angus’ muscular thighs were bigger around than Young’s waist.

He was covered in dark hair, especially on his forearms and hands that made him look like a beast. The apprentice felt like in any other situation, he would be terrified of a man like him. Terrified and, undeniably, aroused.

As the older man began to remove his clothing, Young followed his lead, doing what he wanted without any question or hesitation. Even when Angus presented his exposed cock to him to suck, he opened his mouth and took it. His jaw was still tired and his lips were a little raw, but he looked up at his hirsute master, looking to please him however he wanted.


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