KinkMen – Naked Kombat – Mitch Vaughn vs BJ Adia (Beau Reed)


With his height and long arms, BJ Adia (Beau Reed) thinks he can easily take on the KinkMen vet Mitch Vaughn in a battle of ripped muscle bods and thick hard cocks. Shrugging off BJ’s threats, Mitch feels more than ready to put BJ Adia in his place. The first round sees a thunderstorm of fast-paced wrestling action. The combatants move quick to lock in technical points from brutal holds as their rock-hard bodies tussle each other on the mat. In the second round, the sexual domination comes to the forefront, with holes fingered and ass cheeks slapped as the wrestlers fight for Top Cock. The winner comes ahead with a clear margin and celebrates his victory with a wet, sloppy blowjob from the loser. He shoves the loser to the mat and jams a heavy metal asshook deep inside the loser’s pathetic hole. The hook makes a great harness for pony ride, as the loser takes the winner around the ring before a vicious piledriver dicking. The winner puts the loser on his back and commands the loser to jerk out a load as his hole gets reamed mercilessly. The loser accepts his own jizz before his face gets creamed from winner cum. After receiving the thick hot loads, he licks the winner’s armpit clean in gratitude.