GayHoopla – Mason Skyy Gets A Wild Surprise From His Hot Online Hookup Rico Vega!


Mason’s been looking around online for someone to fuck around with. He stumbled across Alyssa, a hot lonely wife looking to hookup on the low. After a few hot texts Mason got a video of Alyssa’s ass up close! After explaining her husband was away, Alyssa told Mason to come over. Excited to get his nut in, Mason takes off and heads over to get it in. Things seem a little weird when Mason shows up to an open door and Alyssa “changing in the bathroom” telling him to toss the blindfold on and wait. Being the horny fucker he is, Mason does what he’s told. Not long after, Mason was balls deep in Alyssa’s throat! Everything was great until Alyssa’s voice suddenly changed… Was that a guy?!

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