CollegeDudes – Banging My Booty – Johnny Hunter, Aiden Asher


Johnny has already started pleasuring himself. He is so turned on that he films himself playing with his dildo. While he’s on his back moaning, Aiden walks in on him. Surprised at first, Aiden helps Johnny with his video, but quickly gets aroused watching his friend and whips his dick out. Johnny responds by putting his mouth on it, sucking Aiden off slowly. Aiden throws his head back, realizing how good it feels to have his dick in Johnny’s mouth. He returns the favor and gets Johnny on the bed to give the same pleasure.

Before long, Johnny is practically begging Aiden to get inside him, so Aiden mounts on top of him and thrusts his dick inside Johnny’s hole. He holds Johnny’s legs up while he pounds him hard, causing him to moan louder. Johnny absolutely loves how Aiden feels, and after a few more strokes, Johnny busts a load so far that it hits his eye! Just as he begins to catch his breath, Aiden flips Johnny onto his back and continues fucking him doggy style, He buries his cock hard in Johnny, balls slapping his ass, until he can’t hold it in anymore and nuts all over Johnny’s ass.



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