BoyNapped – Ravaging New Sub Boy Lucian – Part 3 – Lucian Fair, Sebastian Kane


Little Lucian has been stiff and dripping from the moment Master arrived, and after being sucked, wanked, fed cock, flogged and fucked in the arse the boy is finally getting his own load drained from his aching erection. With his naked body tightly taped up against the metal wall the twink is subjected to more humiliation, with photos taken for Master to proudly show to his friends, then it’s time to get to work. Master lubes the boy’s cock, wanking his hard inches and playing with the swollen wet end, pinching the boy’s tender balls with clothespins to add more sensation while he furiously rubs the drooling dick. Master knows how to edge a boy and he puts his skills to good use, working little Lucian up to a cum blasting climax that might have him collapsing on the floor if he wasn’t so tightly bound! Finally relieved and satisfied Master puts the boy back in storage, for more play later.