– Jed Fuller, Andy Ford, Jacob Dolce


Cutie Jacob Dolce and his boyfriend Jed Fuller don’t care if their friend Andy Ford is snoozing on the couch nearby, when the boys get the urge for some BoyFun they’ll be making out and groping their hardening dicks in their shorts regardless.

It turns out he doesn’t need to be shy about discovering their horny play session, the moment Jed realizes they’re being watched he’s inviting the boy to join the party and in moments all three boys are making out and exploring the swelling packages of youthful penis filling their shorts.

It’s entirely predictable that as soon as the three are on such a determined path of wanton twink lust their cocks are soon revealed from their pants and sliding between lips. The boys are equally endowed with delicious, turgid erections, their uncut dicks damp with precum and soon glistening with spit while they slurp and pleasure each other.

As their lust grows little Jacob finds himself in the middle, his hole being licked and then fucked by Jed while he gobbles on the big tasty boner Andy has for him.

With a little switching Jacob slides his raw little ass down on Andy’s slippery meat and takes a ride, with Jed enjoying the show. That ass already feels so good, but with Andy’s super sized erection we can tell it feels even better.

After lean boy Jed’s break to just watch and wank he can’t wait to get back into the action, pumping little Jacob on his back while the bottom boy worships the huge member Andy continues to dunk in his face.

It’s a threesome spit roasting that would have any boy spurting their spooge and Jacob ultimately starts the semen splashing display with his own milky mess before his friends jerk their dongs to add to the gooey finish.