TickledHard – Mathew Rock Bound and Tickled


It’s only been a couple of weeks, but super-ticklish Mathew Rock is back and rock hard for more. Right away Franco cuts Mathew’s underwear off, exposing his big erection. His dick bounces around while Franco tickles his size 10 feet with two different scalp massagers. Immobilized with ropes on his legs and arms cuffed wide, Mathew can only try to peer up and catch a glimpse of what Franco is doing. The sensation gets even crazier when Franco climbs on top, rubbing dicks with Mathew as he continues tickling Mathew’s feet through his socks. At last, Franco peels off Mathew’s socks and goes in on his bare soles, creating waves of begging laughter from his ticklee. Franco tickles him on his toe mounds and in between his toes, all along his arches and inside soles. Even when Franco releases Mathew’s arms for him to stretch, he still can’t prevent Franco from tickling his susceptible feet. Franco attacks them with brushes before getting naked and mounting Mathew to stroke his dick and tickle his torso. He takes a moment to finger Mathew’s hole and make him cum, then strokes his sensitive cock before going right back in for a final tickle of his feet.