– Bohus Macek MILKING MEN

Bohus Macek is a slim and sexy guy. He relaxes on the sofa feeling himself through his clothes. Then a helper arrives and begins to feel Bohus’ chest, raising the tee shirt to show it off. The tee shirt is removed and Bohus leans back to relax. Then the jeans are pulled down to show Bohus’ bulging underwear. The hand feel over the underwearand pull it aside to expose the balls. Bohus big cock flops out and the hand takes hold of it and starts to wank. As the big, fat, cock gets rock hard the underwear is pulled down too. Then Bohus’ wrists are shackled too. They are fixed over his head and attention turns back to the throbbing cock. That big dick is oiled and wanked as Bohus’ chest is rubbed too. The big cock head pokes out of the foreskin as the hand wanks hard and fast. It takes Bohus to the edge and then the wanking slows to prevent him from cunmming. His hips slowly thrust too as he tries to make the cock cum. Not allowed to cum Bohus writhes as the cock is released and then grabbed to be wanked again. The balls are squeezed too. Then the legs are raised into the air, exposing the hot little ass hole. That hole looks inviting as the big dick is wanked above it. Then the hole is rubbed and some oil is drizzled over it and rubbed in. Bohus’ legs are closed, trapping cock and balls between them as the tight hole is rubbed. The cock is wanks hard and the ass gets a spank too. Then, as he lays flat on his back but still with legs up Bohus’ cock is wanked hard again as the hole is rubbed. More oil is applied to that hole and a finger slides inside. The finger fucks the tight little ass hole as the cock is wanked more. Then the legs are lowered and the massive pole is wanked hard to take him to the edge again. The torment continues as the cock is not allowed to release the cum, with the balls being squeezed more too. Then that big dick is wanked hard and fast, as the hips jerk. The cock then goes over the edge to release the creamy load. The hand milks that fat dick rubbing the cum all over it to end a lovely Milking Men scene.



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