– Watch With Us – Right In Front Of My Salad? – Nikki V, Diego Sans, Latrice Royale, Christopher Hamblin, Marc MacNamara


On Watch With Us, we’re pulling back the curtain–and the foreskin–and dishing the dirt on some of your favorite porn scenes with our filthy panel of perverts. There are few adult videos which have become a true part of the cultural zeitgeist like this legendary one that launched a thousand memes: “Right in Front of My Salad?” director Marc MacNamara is joined by pornstar Diego Sans, familiar faces Latrice Royale and Chris Hamblin, and the salad queen herself, Nikki V, to watch this iconic scene. Nikki talks about her experience becoming a meme known all around the world as she watches Jake Porter and her “husband” Jaxton Wheeler getting it on onscreen, and she’s even got a few notes on their performance, while Latrice and Chris talk about their own times making cameos in porn scenes. Find out the real story behind the salad right here!

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