JawKed – Soccer Studs – Alex Blade, Dmitry Osten


JawKed - Soccer Studs - Alex Blade, Dmitry Osten 17

Soccer boy Alex Blade is hanging out in the changing rooms for this Jawked video when handsome jock Dmitry Osten arrives and proceeds to reveal his fit body and his long uncut cock. With such a tempting sight before him the boy can’t help but get hard in his sexy shorts and give his big meat some wanking.

Dmitry might seem surprised at first, even offended, but it turns out that he’s more inclined to make the most of the opportunity and get some hard young dick in his mouth and a tight fleshy tunnel for his own big meat to fill.

In moments he’s sucking on the hard soccer boy dick offered by young Alex, his own big jock meat throbbing up in his soccer shorts and soon ready for Alex to suck and wank in return.

We don’t know how many of his teammates Dmitry might have shared that hard cock with before but he’s clearly not new to fucking another boy in the butt.

He slides his raw footballer dick in deep and buggers his new pal from behind, hard and deep, before giving Alex a long ride on his goalpost.

The blond boy finishes up on his back on the bench, his new teammate pumping in and out of his naked hole, making Alex score with a big load from his dick and a shower of celebratory spunk from his handsome new footballer buddy.

Now they both know they’re playing for the same team they’ll likely be hooking up for more training as soon as possible.


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