ChaosMen – Alan Caine & Donnie Marco RAW


Donnie is back, and if you remember from his last several appearances, he LOVES to suck dick. But this time, he gets to fuck some ass, too.

Donnie and Alan start making out passionately on the bed before Donnie peels away Alan’s clothes, revealing Alan’s long, hard, uncut cock. Donnie expertly licks, sucks, and throats Alan’s dick before removing his own clothes to reveal his furry chest, as well as his own hung, uncut cock.

Donnie stands at the edge of the bed to give Alan access to his dick, and Alan enthusiastically starts swallowing it. Donnie skull-fucks Alan until they trade positions – Donnie kneels down on the floor and goes back to servicing Alan’s cock, and we get a full-view of Alan’s smooth body and natural bush. Alan returns the skull-fucking favor to Donnie, and we get some up-close-and-personal undershot views of the action, looking up from the floor at Donnie doing his magic while Alan enjoys himself.

Next it’s time for Donnie to indulge in one of his favorite activities – eating ass. Alan gets doggy-style on the bed and sticks his ass up in the air so Donnie can get total access. Donnie licks and massages Alan’s hole while milking Alan’s cock before tongue-fucking his ass. Alan moans and closes his eyes…

After getting Alan’s hole sufficiently lubed up, Donnie stands up and presses his dick against Alan’s hungry hole, pushing it deeper and deeper inside until Alan is comfortably accommodating every inch. Donnie picks up the pace and really gets into it before climbing on the bed. He continues to pound Alan’s ass as they kiss.

Alan flips on to his back and Donnie plunges even deeper, nearly fucking Alan off the side of the bed. As they both approach climax, Donnie pulls out and lays on his back while Alan gets on his knees. They both jerk their cocks until they spray their loads all over Donnie’s hairy chest. Donnie rubs the cum into his fur as the two kiss.


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