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Radek Pozer is aged 18. He if from Jihlava and is a student. In his spare time Radek enjoys movies, athletics and soccer. He is very relaxed as he rests his ass on the massage table and does his interview. Then he stands up and removes his tee shirt to show off his sexy chest. He sits against the table again and begins to feel his chest, running a hand all over. The hand drops to his jeans and Radek gropes himself. Following directions he then removes his shorts to stand in just his underwear. He turns around in the underwear and sits again as he gropes himself. After rubbing himself in the underwear he follows directons and gets fully naked. That reveals his big, stiffening cock which he takes hold off and starts to wank. The balls bounce as Radek wanks on his large cock. The cock is coated in oil and glistens as Radek continues to wank. Laying back on the table his lifts his legs to show off his hot ass hole. As he holds his feet in the air he wanks with one hand and pulls on his ass with the other to show off his hot hole. Then both hands spread the cheeks even wider. He takes hold of his cock again and wanks it as he shows off the cock. He rubs the hole with a finger as he keeps wanking hard. He turns over, onto his knees to present that hot ass again as he wanks his dick between his legs. Then Radek uses both hands to spread the cheeks wider as he rubs his tight little hole. Standing up he then wanks hard on his big cock and keeps going until the cum flies out. He keeps wanking that cock to drain it and then he goes off to the shower to clean up.



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