StraightFraternity – Blind Man’s Hands


Johnny and Allen are in for something different. I blindfold Allen first, then Johnny. The guys are a little unsure about not being able to see, but they do what I want. To keep them close to each other, I have Johnny reach across Allen and then tape their left hands together. While Allen blows Johnny, I make my move. First I take off Johnny’s boxers, then I cop a feel on Allen. I move back to Johnny and work his nipples and balls before jacking his dick into Allen’s mouth. I tell Allen to get his big dick hard and make Johnny feel it. While he’s stroking Allen’s cock, I go down on Johnny, then I push his head toward Allen’s crotch. Johnny knows to start sucking, and it’s not long before Allen cums. I suck Johnny’s balls and cock, and Allen works his chest and neck, but Johnny’s having trouble getting off. I want to see that load, so I set his hands free and let him finish himself off. He’ll never know who did what to him.



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