– Robert Smola SPANKING

Robert Smola in laying over the punching bag. He is gagged and has his wrists shackled too. Wearing only his jockstrap his hot ass is nicely ezposed as he straddles the bag. His tormentor arrives and begins to runs his riding crop over Robert’s back and into his ass crack. He hits on the ass with the crop and then he reaches down to squeeze the cheeks. Pulling the jockstrap into the ass crack the hands then spank on the ass cheeks. The jockstrap is pulled down too as the hand spanks on the ass cheeks. The ass cheeks start to colour as the hands spank on them. a belt is then used on the ass making Robert jerk each time it lands. The belt goes around his neck and is pulled as the crop hits on the hot ass. The crop lands on Robert’s thighs too, making them sting. He moans as he takes the punishment. The hands spank him more on the ass and legs. The ass cheeks are spread wide to show off Roberts hot hole. The jockstrap is removed completely and Robert’s cock, pulled back between his legs, is exposed too. That cock is wanked by the hand as the ass gets spanked more too. The spanking goes all over the ass and up Robert’s back. That stiff cock is wanked hard too. A thumb is rubbed over Robert’s hot hole and then it pushes inside and starts to fuck. That hole opens up and takes the thumb as it fucks nice and fast. Then the thumb is removed and the ass cheeks are spanked more. The hole is shown off as the cheeks are spread and a finger puhses all the way inside. That finger fucks deep into the tight hole, roughly working it. Then the hands spank on the ass again. Oil is dripped onto the ass hole and the cock, and rubbed in. The a butt plug is used on the ass, going in and out before being pushed all the way in and staying there as the ass gets spanked again. Robert’s cock stays rock hard as his ass is spanked. Then the cock is wanked again. The riding crop is used on the ass again and the butt plug is removed and inserted once more. The gag is removed from Robert’s mouth and he is turned over, onto his back. He lays on the bag, legs wide apart as his cock and balls are rubbed. The hands reach down to hit on the hot hole too. Then they run over Robert’s hot body and hit on the chest. More oil is applied to the cock which is then wanked again. That fat cock gets slapped to and wanked more. A clear silicone wank aid is pushed over the cock and wanked. The dick is wank with the aid, as the cock head pokes out of the end. Robret’s legs are then raised showing his plugged ass which gets spanked again. The plug is removed and a thumb is inserted into the hole to fuck it roughly. Then it is pulled out and the ass cheeks are spanked hard. Robert’s legs are lowered and his dick is wanked again. The wanking is hard and fast as Robert lays back and enjoys it. The big, fat, cock is wanked hard until it gives up the hot cum. Every last drop is milked form that cock to end a very good spanking scene.



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