– FIRST-AID TRAINING – Ian Levine, Legrand Wolf


My time in the Scouts has certainly been an eye-opening experience! When I signed up, I imagined I’d be going on amazing trips to really cool, inaccessible places and learning how to make fires, tie knots and even save lives. But some of the things I’ve ended up doing… well, let’s just say they were unexpected…

My dad was apparently a very good Scout. According to him! He never stops talking about his “halcyon days camping under the stars” and all those “amazing life lessons” he learned.

I don’t know if my dad was necessarily talking about sexual experiences. There was certainly a bit of a funny look in his eyes when he told me that joining the Scouts would teach me how to become a proper man, but heck, if I found out that he’d got up to some of the stuff I’ve been doing over the last few weeks when he was in the Scouts, I’m not sure I’d be able to look him in the eye ever again!

I actually lost my virginity to one of the scoutmasters pretty soon after arriving at my first jamboree. And since then I’ve been having pretty regular – and very steamy – sessions with him. And, in fact, another one of the Scouts! I love doing it outside, under the trees. I reckon I’m gonna get hard every time I smell pine from now on! I might have to get my mom to change her air fresheners!!

I’ve always had a bit of a crush on Scoutmaster Wolf. He’s so tall, handsome and masculine. Like a film star, really. He can be quite stern and aloof, but that just makes him sexier. He’s one of those people who just makes you want to do your best, you know? I was always too nervous to talk to him, of course, but he smiled at me the other day. We were telling really crappy ghost stories around the campfire, and when I smiled back, he held my gaze for the longest time. My heart was beating in my ears. I’m sure I was blushing. Thank God it was dark. Then he winked and went back to toasting his marshmallows! I couldn’t sleep that night because I was thinking about him so much.

He came up to me yesterday and started talking about my first aid badge. Every time he asked me a question, I felt really self-conscious. I literally couldn’t string a decent sentence together. Of course, he seemed to find the whole thing really funny, which just made it worse. Then he asked if I’d be up for learning a few new skills…



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