RaunchyBastards – Breeding Cole’s Virgin Hole – Cole Church


After meeting Cole Church in person for the first time, you can imagine how eager I was to get to that hole of his. He had definitely progressed nicely, from getting and giving a handjob, and then on to fucking a dude. Cole is a particularly good looking young man, with such a sexy vibe. I was horny as fuck just being in the same room with him! I finally talked him into messing around on a more intimate level with me, and got the cameras set up for his de-flowering. Yet even up to five minutes beforehand, he was having second thoughts. I was thinking to myself that I’d better hurry up before he changed his mind completely. Lucky for me, I was able to get him on the bed and undressed in no time.

He’s not a shy guy, but you can tell how extremely nervous he is in the video. He even admits to it. I suppose any young straight guy would be nervous, though, especially with a creeper like me about to fuck his pretty little fuck canal. I eased him into it with some oral action, but I couldn’t stay away from his ass. My tongue was savoring every second of rimming his beautiful button, to be sure! I did need to move on, however, because I was eager to see how he would do at sucking my cock. He used some teeth, but overall, OK. I fucking loved it when he was stroking my cock and using his tongue on my shaft. This boy has a lot to learn, but once he’s trained I think he’ll be one of the best.

When it came time for me to take his V-card, I ate him out some more, lubed up my dick, and slowly stuck it in. Now, Cole, who by the way had been rock hard this entire time – kept his hard on while I loosened him up. I was fairly surprised by this, since most guys lose it at this point, if not earlier. Cole, though, had a raging boner as my pole shoved deeper and deeper inside of him. I got him loosened up in missionary and then he rode me while I cupped his beautiful cheeks. I could tell, though, that his ass was getting sore.

I stopped for a minute and stroked his cock, giving his ass a break. I didn’t want his first experience to be that bad, because I definitely want him to be one of my regulars! We kissed a little as I stroked him, and then I decided it was time to finish. I couldn’t wait to breed this sexy fucker. I warned him that this would be the worst of it, and I lubed up again and began fucking him proper. It was at this point that Cole started jerking furiously and began cumming. This guy produced a LOT of spunk while I was railing his hole! It turned me on so much that I immediately came inside of him. Fuck, it was definitely one of the best fucks of the year for me. I love those nervous virgins, but Cole is a whole other level of awesomeness.


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