JalifStudio – Stany Falcone, Maxxime Furrie


A darkened room in a Parisian apartment. A young slave, wearing nothing but a dog collar, kneels on a low stool.

A tanned, taller man stands in the shadows, also naked. He has a rock hard, 9-inch dick. He steps forward and casually pulls a leather flogger from around his neck. He uses the flogger to tap the slave’s ass, then taps it again, this time with more force.

The master smiles, using the flogger, then his hands, to deliver more and more blows to his handsome slave’s back. The abuse leaves marks. The slave’s ass cheeks redden. Angry finger marks form on his pale skin.

But the master has only just begun…

He moves to the front of his slave and guides the young man’s head onto his bulging meat, grabbing the back of his slave’s neck and aggressively thrusting his juicy cock deep into the young man’s throat. He’s surprised – and impressed – that his boy doesn’t gag or cry out when he’s being flogged at the same time.

Within minutes, the master is pushing his thick, veiny dick deep into the young man’s tight ass. There’s not a great deal of mercy. The master goes slow for a few strokes, then starts to build up the pace. He certainly knows how to bang… and bang real hard!

The slave, now on his back, starts to jerk his own dick and, within moments, is gushing strings of spunk all over his thighs, belly and chest.

The master pulls out. Giant rivers of cum fly from his dick with such force that they shoot right over the slave’s head.



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