HelixStudios – The Lake House – Arizona Part Four – Silas Brooks, Reece Jackson


The boys are hanging out by the pool at “The Lake House,” soaking their feet, gossiping, and putting lotion on one another. It’s obvious Silas Brooks is catching a crush on Reece Jackson; as, the pretty pair swim, race, and get wild in the water together. Reece takes a break to chat with the other guys. But, Silas won’t leave him alone for long. He whispers something in Reece’s ear, then disappears into the house. Jackson must have liked what he heard; because, he follows the frisky fella into the house. The too cute, twink twosome tangle tongues in an instant. Randy boy, Reece can’t control his urge to suck Silas’ schlong, and is on his knees in an instant. Brooks is thirsting for cock as well, and gives the gorgeous guy a knock out knob- job. Then, he orders the beautiful brunette to, “ride this dick.” Jackson is jacked to jump on that juicy jock, and rides that pole like a pony. The dicknamic duo switch it up and Reece gets rocked on the table. Our infamous cock-cam catch all the bareback, ass banging, action from every erotic angle. Watching Silas slam his sizable stuff, using his bangin’, bubble butt muscle into the boy is a beautiful sight to see. Next, Reece gets rammed on his back, spread eagle and enjoys every sexy second of it, moaning and panting with pure pleasure. Brooks keeps banging his way till the beautiful boy busts, painting his smooth stomach with sponge. The oozy sight sends Silas over the edge; and, he unloads ALL over Brooks, blasting past his nips, and all the way down to that delicious dick.



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