GayCest – Everybody Does It – Jack Andram, Matthew Figata


Jack and his man have gotten real close over the past few months, but it hasn’t always been this way.

Like many teenage boys and their parents, there was a natural division between them. Jack was beginning to feel a desire for independence, compelling him to take steps away from the embrace of his old man. No longer was he the little boy who ran into his father’s arms at every opportunity.

Matthew Figata knew this was normal and expected, but that didn’t prevent him from trying to fight back the inevitable separation and keep himself close to his guy. Long conversations had been lost a long time ago, but the one thing he knew they could enjoy was sitting together and watching movies.

Jack often tried to pretend his man wasn’t there, experiencing the films inside his mind. Occasionally his old man would laugh or say something silly, reminding the young man that he was sitting next to his man. Most of the time this was just unavoidable awkwardness for him. But things changed one day when a movie presented an unexpected prompt of conversation.

It happened pretty suddenly, but the two characters on screen began to take off their clothes, kissing and grabbing at each other in a very passionate and sexual manner. So much so that body parts were being shown and displays of arousal and desire were filling the screen. Jack was no stranger to this, but he’d never sat side by side with his old men when watching it!

The tension in the air was thick as neither father or guy seemed to want to make eye contact, let alone say a word. Jack could feel the stirring of his loins, bringing on an untimely erection. He felt his face flush, getting embarrassed by what was happening and praying his man wouldn’t say anything to make it worse.

“Oh, I didn’t know it was that kind of movie!” Mr. Figata joked, trying to release them from the unending silence and bring some levity to the moment. It was as bad as Jack imagined.

His old man tried to make him feel better by saying that it was okay to look and that people do it all the time. He offers to change the channel, but Jack knows it would just make things even more embarrassing if he took him up on the offer.


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