WilliamHiggins.com – Zdenek Bagar EROTIC SOLO


Zdenek Bagar is aged 19 and his lives in Prague. He is a cook who enjoys sports, soccer and fitness. He is a very handsome guy who seems to ooze sexuality as he sits on the bed and does his interview. Then, as directed, he kneels and takes off his shirt to show off his beautiful chest. He flexes his biceps too and runs his hands over the hot body. Then Zdenek removes his jeans as well, which leaves him fully naked, showing off his cock and balls. He reaches down and feels his lovely soft cock. He starts to gently wank it too. That cock soon starts to grow in his hand as it is wanked. With the cock coated in oil it glistens as Zdenek wanks it. Then he reclines on one elbow as he strokes the cock. Laying back Zdenek lift his legs, to show off his ass and the tight hole. The soles of his feet are shown too as he exposes his hot hole and wanks on his cock. Reaching down he spreads the ass further, with both hands. Zdenek move to sit on the floor and continues to wank his cock as he also feels his hot body. With his cock rock hard and the balls tight he keeps wanking until the hot, creamy, cum is released, shooting all over the place. Zdenek milks the cock and then goes off to the shower to clean up.



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