TwinkLoads – GREG RILEY BOTTOMS – ENCOUNTER 2 – Greg Riley, James Clark

I met Greg a few weeks ago. He’d booked himself in for just a massage, but the moment he walked into my treatment room, I knew I needed to have his ass! Young lads like me rarely get to top older dudes, especially when they’re as insanely hot as Greg is, but it all seemed to develop quite naturally. One moment I was working on his glutes from the outside, the next… well, I probably don’t need to spell it out!

There was a slightly uncomfortable period afterwards when I didn’t hear anything from him, and knowing I’d overstepped the mark, I got a little paranoid, thinking he might report me for gross professional misconduct or something. Then, when I’d convinced myself this wasn’t going to happen, I got a bit pissed because I’d enjoyed our connection and kinda wanted more!

I got a text from him a few days later. He was back in town, staying at some fancy country hotel and wanted to know if I did call outs. He asked if I’d consider giving him a massage in his room first thing in the morning before he went to a conference. It was apparently the only time he could do…

I arrived with coffee and a muffin from my favorite deli. I thought the gesture might convince him that I didn’t fuck around with every one of my clients! But the moment I entered the room, I knew I wasn’t gonna be giving him a massage. He had a look on his face which basically said, “do me now”, so I sat down on the bed and started to kiss him. His kisses were so intimate and gentle. Really respectful, I thought. I loved how his big, strong, masculine hands felt as they ran over every inch of my body. I had goosebumps. It sounds a bit cliché, but I don’t think I’ve ever wanted anyone as much as I wanted him at that moment.



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