TickledHard – Straight Boy Chris Wayne

Franco slips off Chris’ ripped jeans and makes the 20-year-old show his cute butt before clipping the skinny, smooth, straight guy down. Since Chris admits his feet are super-ticklish, Franco saves those for later and starts on Chris’ pits and ribs. He moves down to the knees and thighs, finding them highly ticklish, too, but Chris’ size 10 1/2 feet are calling his name. He tickles the left foot bare and the right through the sock before exposing both creamy white and pink soles. Franco fucks with Chris’ senses by tickling the ball of his foot and between his toes with all sorts of dental brushes and a soap saver. He tickles Chris’ balls and inner thighs lightly with a watercolor brush, then blows raspberries on his flat stomach and tickles his lower ribs. After a nice deep tickle in the pits, Franco returns to Chris’ feet, using a scalp massager a Tickled Hard member gifted him. Chris bounces his sweet body around and laughs with ecstasy as Franco tickles his soles with even more brushes, varying the sensation and increasing the intensity. Franco doles out an annoying tickle to Chris’ neck and ears, driving the kid crazy, before climbing on top for a final tickle of Chris’ ribs, tummy and pits. When Chris can’t breathe anymore, Franco finally unhooks the cute boy and allows him to relieve the overwhelming pressure by stroking one out.


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